Consulting Services

Executive Self Storage Associates, Inc. offers clients a variety of consulting services for the self-storage industry.

  1. Operations Manuals - We offer a basic Operations Manual which contains simple guidelines on how to operate a self-storage facility, including suggestions on various job duties and how managers can best perform them.
  2. Facility Evaluations - An independent evaluation of your facility, including first impressions (Street look), office, managers, property presentation and deferred maintenance, customer service items and day-to-day operations.  You owe it to yourself to be sure you are operating at peak potential.
  3. Due Diligence Studies - We have performed numerous due diligence studies and are committed to giving a potential buyer as much information as possible to help them make their decision.
  4. Market Feasibility Studies - See the section on this page for more info.
  5. Manager Training - Insure that your management team is at its best.
  6. Store Audits - We recommend a regular audit schedule to keep your store on track.
  7. Selling Your Facility - See the information

Feasibility Studies

Executive Self Storage Associates, Inc. recommends and provides Feasibility Studies to all potential clients. Lenders are now requiring a sophisticated Feasibility Study for any property you plan to develop. 

This should be done by a reputable, experienced and industry-recommended company.  Executive Self Storage Associates, Inc. is that company.

A Market Feasibility Study includes a wide scope of information prepared to aid the developer in the decision of whether or not the risk of building is acceptable in a proposed project.

We refer to them as a Market Feasibility Study because each self-storage facility has its own distinctive market, and the study is geared towards determining how each facility will perform in the specific market it is intended for.  While national trends, statistics, and demographics play a role in overall industry growth, it is imperative that the developer understand how a particular facility will perform in its intended market.

As the industry grows, and many markets become saturated, it is imperative that the Market Feasibility Study provides the developer with as much information as possible to aid in the decision of risk vs. reward of the proposed site.

Please contact us for more information about Market Feasibility Studies.

Selling your facility?

Executive Self Storage Associates can help.

Because Executive Self Storage Associates, Inc. is one of the top companies in the self-storage industry, we have developed a network of brokers, lenders, private individuals, corporations, clients, and other real estate parties that are buying or may be buying self storage facilities.  We work closely with many of them for our existing clients and we would be interested in helping you become an owner of a facility.

We have an extensive list of clients looking to obtain new properties.  We will give an independent analysis of your store, its potential value and some helpful hints on how to sell your facility for the maximum price.

Executive Self Storage Associates, Inc. is not a broker and we do not perform or otherwise operate as a real estate broker.

Contact Us if you are interested in a sales consultation.


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