Holiday Decorations

Everyone loves to decorate around the holidays to get into the spirit. As time passes, you'll find that you've accumulated more holiday decorations than you have space for! They're mostly unnecessary during the rest of the year, so most opt to store decorations in a self-storage unit to save space in the home. Here are just a few tips to save you time and a few dollars when packing away your festive decorations:
  • Any cardboard box with dividers—wine boxes, egg cartons, etc.—is great for ornaments. Plastic can trap moisture, so cardboard is usually preferred.
  • Acid-free tissue paper is best used when you want to individually wrap vintage ornaments. It's often difficult to determine the material of older ornaments, so it's better to play it safe.
  • Packing holiday lights in a plastic bag per strand avoids unwanted tangles. You can leave a bit of air in the bag to provide a little extra protection.
  • You can also wrap lights around cardboard to keep them organized. Pack them vertically with proper spacing and a little tissue paper.
  • Plastic containers for wreaths are a very popular option to maintain shape. However, if the wreath has any organic components, be sure to poke a few holes for ventilation.
  • Artificial tree bags are an inexpensive option for tree storage. Check the material to be sure it's strong enough to withstand any slight pokes or jarring during transportation.
  • Remember that organic materials can attract rodents or insects. Take extra care to package and seal these decorations in a proper container that pests can't get into.