Document Storage Overview

Even in the Digital Age, every business or government agency requires hardcopies and essential paper documents. Space limitations often lead to the use of self-storage units for document storage. Locate self-storage with the proper size and temperature control if required for sensitive materials. Paper can be extremely quick to damage when stored improperly. The following are some suggestions to avoid any wear in storage:

  • Always store important documents that you may need to access in the future at the front of the unit. Digging through boxes upon boxes is a waste of time. Avoid it from the outset with proper organization.
  • Mildew is one of your greatest enemies. Unfortunately, moisture can be introduced to the space when documents and boxes aren't checked initially. Be sure everything you put into the self-storage unit has been properly dried beforehand.
  • Elevate everything on pallets in anticipation of any unforeseen water damage. You want to protect anything from undetected leakage or extreme weather leading to floods. Better safe than sorry!
  • Do your research on security for sensitive documents. Discuss confidentiality concerns with your self-storage unit owners so that you understand all security procedures.

Planning and organization will save you time in the long run. Never start your document storage effort without a clear plan for how you need to label, store, protect, and access the boxes. Talk with the self-storage staff for more ideas to make the delivery and storage of all documents as painless as possible.