Why Use Self Storage?

Saving Space

The most common use of self-storage is also the most obvious. Renters and home owners often just no longer have the space for their belongings. Collectors accumulate huge collections that cannot be viably stored in a living space. Seasonal gear like jet skis and four-wheelers are only needed part of the year, and self-storage offers a convenient and cost-effective solution. Extra temporary space is needed during a move or relocation, and self-storage units give you some more room to work with during hectic times.

Safety and Security

A baby or small child can really change the way you look at things lying around the house. Kids are also prone to accidents. Whether you want to keep dangerous power tools out of reach or protect valuable antiques, self-storage units can give you a peace of mind knowing that everyone in your house and your valuables are safe from harm.

Home security systems can be extremely expensive. Self-storage units offer round-the-clock security with surveillance cameras, gated entry, and more depending on the site. Check with the self-storage business to get a better idea of the ways they'll ensure your belongings are safe and secure while onsite.

Insurance Coverage

Self-storage insurance is often inexpensive and covers a wide range of losses including burglary, fire, weather, natural disasters and other events beyond your control. Do the math to see how much money you can save by opting to use a self-storage unit for your investments.