Wedding Dress Storage

If you've spent hours and hours looking for the perfect wedding dress, it's worth the extra time to find the right gown preservationist for proper storage. Your dress is such a special memento of a life-defining moment, and you want it to last if you have plans to pass the dress down to family members in the future. Most of the cleaning and storage process will rely on gown material, so it's best to leave the boxing to a professional. Here are some tips to help you when selecting a preservationist or attempting a do-it-yourself effort:

Cleaning and Wrapping

Cleaning is the first and most important step in wedding dress preservation and storage. Any stains or soil can cause immense damage over time. They'll eventually oxidize and leave unsightly yellow spots that ruin the dress. Wet cleaning by hand is often preferred for extremely delicate materials. If you do go with dry-cleaning, make sure the solvent is right for your material. Certain solvents are less effective at removing stains, but they utilize petroleum to give a nice sheen to certain fabrics. Accidents happen! For any large, noticeable stains, it's recommended to have it professionally cleaned to avoid any damage during the cleaning process.

Packaging the dress for storage can do more harm than you might initially expect. Acid-free paper or muslin are your best bets, and you'll want to get your hands on a pH-neutral box to allow proper ventilation and temperature adjustment. Any box windows need to be acetate rather than plastic. Careful about including other items in the box! Jewelry or shoe materials may be harmful when stored with your wedding dress.

Storage Conditions

Light and heat are your greatest enemies for long-term wedding dress storage. Keep the box in a dark, dry place without any extreme variations in humidity. Choose an elevated spot away from walls or ceiling openings. Any water that works its way in may go undetected for quite some time and cause irreparable damage.