Student Storage Overview

Students already have a busy schedule and often have to balance studying, class time, and work. Whether you need to store your belongings between school terms and while studying abroad, self-storage is an excellent solution for short- or long-term storage. You'll be able to rent a space that works for the amount of property you need to store, and that sort of flexibility can save you money that can go to living expenses or loan payments instead.

When selecting the right storage facility for you, make sure you ask some vital questions first:

  • What is the process for securing a storage facility in advance? You need to know about necessary deposits and availability well before you move.
  • If storing month-by-month, what sort of automatic payments are available? Dealing with missed or late payments when you are in another state or country can be a huge hassle.
  • What sort of insurance policy do I need? This will vary based on your current coverage and items stored.
  • Are there any options for shipping your items from storage to your current location? Certain self-storage facilities will offer additional shipping service. This is a great option if you have plans to move at a later date but need storage now.
  • Do they have any temperature-controlled units? Certain items you want to store don't stand up to huge variations in temperature and humidity. You don't want to damage your property unnecessarily!
  • Does the storage facility offer any student discounts? Some facilities specialize in student storage and can be a great deal for the money. Make sure the facility still offers proper security!

Always plan out your storing and move carefully. Set out specific dates and times, and check with the storage facility to be certain your unit will be available and accessible. Taking the time to plan ahead will give you more time later to focus on what really matters—your education!